Monday, June 4, 2012

On Construction...

Welcome to So I Interviewed an Author.

Official site launch will be Monday July 2nd.

Come on by. All the cool kids will be here. And the non-cool ones too. I hate to discriminate. Seriously, we're going to have fun.

So, mark your calendar. Then set one of those really annoying alarm sounds to it. Then, when you've forgotten all about it, the site will launch and  you'll get the crap scared out of you by some random alarm, you don't remember setting, going off. You'll look at your phone and scratch your head for a second.

Then, you'll remember all of this. It'll be so cool. It's like Present You is talking to Future You...except when the conversation happens, it'll be Past You talking to Present You. Hope that baked your noodle.

So, come on back now, y'hear!

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